Here we go. Jill Stein, Green Party, has filed to request a vote recount in several states that cemented Donald J. Trump’s electoral college victory and earned him the future presidency. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said it will join the effort.

Most experts have said the likelihood of a recount overturning the election is low because the margin of victory in suspect states is too large.

So what is this about? Citizens are up in arms that Clinton won the popular vote by 2.2 million, a historically large number, and won’t be president.

While the Green Party and Democrats are focused on states they lost: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Mr. Trump is now highlighting potential issues with voting in states he lost: California, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

Donald J. Trump has said that if the vote is wrong, it is due to voting by deceased people and illegal immigrants. In other words, he lost the popular vote as a result of fraud. The logic is that since Trump lost badly in California, it was due to illegals voting.

Clinton supporters are using similar logic, if they lost in the Mid-West, it was because of votes placed by deceased, white men.

Who will win? The odds are on Trump.