A xenophobe is a person who fears people from foreign countries and those with different cultures.

Liberals have called Mr. Trump a xenophobe because he has targeted Muslims and Mexicans in his political messaging. He is concerned with radical Muslim terrorists and too many Mexicans in our country. Critics say we are a country of immigrants, and it has been our country’s unique strength to integrate and learn from those that are culturally different.

Supporters of Mr. Trump say he is afraid of people that come from Muslim countries because, despite the fact that Islam is a peaceful religion, it is difficult to root out terrorists. Critics say that our current immigration guidelines for persons desiring a US Visa from Muslim countries are very strict, already.

Regarding Mexicans, Trump is concerned about criminals, illegal voters, job takers, and resource users. He is particularly concerned with how easy it is to enter our country illegally and stay for a long time.

Over the first 100 days of Mr. Trump’s presidency, expect to see more clear policies on immigration and the treatment of Muslim US citizens.

Mr. Trump actually mocked the elites (college folks) for calling him a xenophobe. He rightly assumed that most people don’t carry a dictionary.